Evaluation Results

91% of participants who filled out the evaluation form described the conference as useful or very useful.
Participants were asked to list 3 words to describe the conference. The top three words listed by participants were:

  • engaging
  • informative
  • diverse

Participants appreciated the interactive format of the event, specifically the opportunity to talk about their points of view on the issue and share their ideas during the roundtable discussions. Overall, participants enjoyed speakers’ presentations and the diverse representation of stakeholders at each table.

Participants made the following suggestions for improvement for our next event:

  • More time for networking
  • Time to focus on solutions & next steps
  • Include representation from the government
  • Include more employers and more corporate representation

“The forum is wonderful because it brings together people that are not normally together from the corporate sector and the community and everything in between. The spectrum is very broad and I think that that was very interesting.”

- Conference Participant