(Original) Canadian Experience Project (CEP)

Re-examining the Canadian Experience and Acculturation: The Missing Context of Canada's High Skilled Immigrants

Canadian Experience Media Project (CEMP)

Discourses of Skilled Immigrants and Canadian Experience: An Intertextual Analysis

Beyond Canadian Experience Project (BCEP)

Do skilled immigrants need 'Canadian (work) experience'?: Public engagement and conversation through new media and reader's theatre

Refusing to Settle for Less (Participatory Action Research Project)

Refusing to Settle for Less: Building Public Policy Recommendations to Increase Access to Fair and Meaningful Employment for Newcomers (Participatory Action Research Project)

Refusing to Settle for Less In 2009, the Mennonite New Life Centre partnered with newcomers on a participatory action research project to document newcomer employment experiences and ideas for policy change. Among the key recommendations offered by newcomer research participants were: economic incentives for employers to create paid work opportunities for newcomers and employment equity legislation to mandate fair and equitable hiring practices.

Raising Our Voices

Raising our Voice is a half hour documentary that tells the story of newcomer advocacy for fair employment and inclusive civic participation, reaching out to community partners and political allies through a Community Forum. Members of the Newcomer Advocacy Committee talk about their experience of finding strength and hope in collective reflection ad action on four advocacy priorities: employment equity, paid internships, community organizing, and municipal voting rights for permanent residents. To organize a free video screening and dialogue with newcomer activists, please contact us at: (416) 699-4527 Ext 229 or