Forum - Beyond "Canadian Experience": Employment Challenges from a Human Rights Perspective - January 16, 2013

On January 16 2013, The Beyond Canadian Experience Project hosted their second major event: “Beyond ‘Canadian Experience’: Immigrant Employment from a Human Rights Perspective” with a keynote speaker, Hon. Barbara Hall of Ontario Human Rights Commission.

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Conference - Beyond “Canadian Experience” Conference: Mobilizing Diverse Talent for Corporate and Community Success - Dec. 1, 2011

The Beyond “Canadian Experience” project team hosted their first conference titled, Beyond “Canadian Experience”: Mobilizing Diverse Talent for Corporate and Community Success on Friday, December 2, 2011 in North York Memorial Hall located at the North York Civic Centre (Toronto, Ontario).

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Theatre of "Canadian Experience" performance - Human Resources Professional version

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Theatre of "Canadian Experience" performance - Oct. 14, 2011

On October 14 2011, the Canadian Experience project team, led by Professor Izumi Sakamoto, performed findings from Professor Sakamoto’s arts-informed research project titled, Re-examining the Canadian Experience and Acculturation: The Missing Context of Canada's High Skilled Immigrants.

Readers' Theatre - October 14th

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